March 29, 2023

Mark 15:42-47 (HCSB)
42 When it was already evening, because it was preparation day (that is, the day before the Sabbath), 43 Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the Sanhedrin who was himself looking forward to the kingdom of God, came and boldly went in to Pilate and asked for Jesus' body. 44 Pilate was surprised that He was already dead. Summoning the centurion, he asked him whether He had already died. 45 When he found out from the centurion, he gave the corpse to Joseph. 46 After he bought some fine linen, he took Him down and wrapped Him in the linen. Then he placed Him in a tomb cut out of the rock, and rolled a stone against the entrance to the tomb. 47 Now Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses were watching where He was placed.

Joel Robertson
In Mark’s Gospel, it says that Joseph of Arimathea goes boldly or takes courage when he comes to Pilate to ask for the body of Jesus. We have a wonderful example of a man of status being courageous with his faith in the Messiah. Use this example of courage to go boldly forward in your faith and tell the world that Jesus Christ is risen and King of the Universe.

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