1. Peter was likely written as a sort of handbook for those ministering in a hostile area. By the time he wrote, the Gospel had spread from into Asia, where Jesus was largely unknown. Why would it be encouraging to know there was an inheritance in Heaven waiting (vs. 4)? What is it about going through hard times that makes our faith more precious than gold (vs. 7)?
  2. The last book in the Old Testament was written something like 400 years before the New       Testament. Peter says that the OT writers were serving YOU when they wrote (vs. 12)!  You are now 2000 years past the start of the NT. How does knowing your belief is part of an unbroken line of faith 1000s of years long encourage you? Does it make your faith feel legitimate in the face of societal pressure? 
  3. Your mind leads your actions. You never say or do anything that your mind didn’t think first. Where is your attitude, speech, and action most broken? What thoughts are behind that brokenness?   How can you prepare your mind for better action (vs. 13)?

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