1.     While we don’t know when Lois or Eunice got saved (2 Tim 1:5), we do see that Timothy was the recipient of faith generations in the making. His faith was nurtured by others – Lois and Eunice didn’t know he would go into ministry but they still encouraged his faith. Who can you nurture in their faith? How can you position yourself to help them accomplish God’s will?  

2.     Today we are often shamed for our faith in Jesus – we might be called ignorant, bigoted, racist, or behind the times. While we may be shamed by others, we ourselves should not be ashamed of the Gospel. Where do you find yourself afraid to share your faith (vs. 7)? Do you ever wonder if the Bible is antiquated? Why/why not?  How can you shore up your faith?

3.     2 Timothy 2:1-2 are some of the most important verses concerning discipleship. The pattern there is instructive – Jesus taught Peter. Peter shared that, in turn, with Timothy. Timothy is then told to entrust that to faithful men.  Who are you discipling as your “Timothy”? Who is your “Paul” leading? What does being “as one approved” look like for you (vs. 2:15)?

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