Questions for the Week

  1. The wedding at Cana is the first “sign” in John that Jesus is the Messiah. This “sign” was only known to a small group of people because they were with Jesus. When do you make time to be with Jesus so He can reveal Himself to you? What was it about this sign that made the disciples believe in Him? When, in your life, did Jesus reveal Himself?
  2. The healing of the official’s son (4:46-54) is the second sign in John. Jesus initially rebukes the crowd (“you” in verse 48 is plural). Why the crowd and not the father? The father “believed” in vs. 50 but it says “he himself believed” in vs. 53. What does that say about continuing and growing faith in Jesus? How did his growing faith lead to many in his house believing as well?
  3. When Jesus feeds the multitude in John 6:1-15, it was the fourth sign–the one John wanted to emphasize. There, Jesus met needs only He could, both physical and spiritual. Why do we, like the disciples, doubt Jesus can do the miraculous when we’ve already seen His power? Why did the crowd want to make Jesus their earthly king (vs. 15)? Why did Jesus withdraw from them? What little thing is God asking you to give so He can do something greater?

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