1. What do you think 2 Peter 3:8-10 means in that God doesn’t view time like we do (vs. 8)? How does God’s view of time equate to patience and repentance (vs. 9)? What does it mean in that works on the earth will be exposed (vs. 10)? If people knew everything about you –your thoughts, attitudes, and actions –where would you be most ashamed? Why?  
  2. How does knowing that everything about us will be exposed change your thoughts/attitudes/actions? How can it help you lead a life of holiness and godliness (vs. 11)? Elsewhere, we know that the “day of God” means judgment for all –heaven for Christians, hell for unbelievers. Who do you know that needs Jesus? How can you share the Gospel?  
  3. Sometimes the Bible is just a massive book that seems out of reach. How does knowing that even Peter thought some of Paul’s writings were hard (3:16) –even though he was a disciple and walked with Him for 3 years? How can you maintain faith in the Bible’s hard places? What is a passage you struggle with? Who can you discuss it with?
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