Sunday Connect Lesson for April 2, 2023

When God Suffered For Us

Mark wrote his account of the life of Christ in the AD 50s based on the eyewitness testimony of Peter.  The events of this chapter took place in AD 33.

Study The Word: Yes, the price was high, but Christ was willing to suffer the rejection of His followers, the injustice of His fellow citizens, the physical pain of death, and even the abandonment of His Father to purchase our salvation.

Key Truth: Christ was willing to suffer to accomplish God's will (Mark 14:32-42).  In the garden of Gethsemane, Christ prayed that His Father would remove the "cup of suffering" from Him.

Key Truth: Christ suffered when His friends betrayed and abandoned Him (Mark 14:43-52).  Even those who were closest to Jesus, His own disciples, fled when He was arrested by the Jewish rulers.

Key Truth: Christ suffered when people lied about Him and beat Him (Mark 14:53-65).  Though His accusers charged Him with blasphemy and condemned Him to death, Jesus spoke only the truth.

Family Connection: Continue the discussion after church!
Jesus submitted to God’s will even when it meant suffering. When is it difficult for you to submit to God’s will? Why is it difficult to follow the Lord when those around you do not? In what situation could you stand for Christ even when others do not?

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