1. In Mark 15, vss. 23 and 36, Jesus is offered wine while on the Cross. The first wine was likely meant to dull the pain. The second was different, possibly something like Apple Cider Vinegar. Why would Jesus deny the first but accept the second? Why did He want to be clear of mind while suffering? Why did He want to prolong His suffering with something to drink? 
  2. In Luke 23:50-56 we see Joseph, “a good and righteous man,” bury Jesus’ body at his own expense. Try, if you can, to forget you know Jesus will be resurrected in about 40 hours. What would have motivated Joseph to graciously bury Jesus (who looked like a blasphemous liar to many at this point)? Did God give Joseph special understanding to know he was fulfilling Scripture or was it just out of love and respect for Jesus? 
  3. With Mark 16:1-8 and Matthew 28:1-10, we can see a fuller picture of what it was like at the empty tomb on that Resurrection Sunday. The same angel that made the guards pass out from fear merely made the women “alarmed.” Further, the women left with “great joy.” Why the different response to the same situation? Why could the women leave with joy?

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