Sunday Connect Lesson for March 26, 2023

Signs of the Times

Mark wrote his account of the life of Christ in the middle of the first century (AD) based on the eyewitness testimony of Peter. The events of this chapter took place in AD  33.

Study The Word: Jesus answered His disciples' questions about when He would return to earth and what it would be like.  Though there is no shortage of interpretations expressing quite a range of viewpoints, there is much in this chapter that is absolutely clear and, of course, vital!

Key Truth:   Christ's return will follow a time of false teaching, wars, natural disasters, and persecution of believers ( Mark 13:1-13).  There is nothing preventing the return of Christ - all of the pieces are in place.  This is the time to be on the lookout!

Key Truth: Christ's return will follow a time of terrible tribulation (Mark 13:14-27).  Even though tribulation has always existed, the Bible prophesied a unique period of tribulation unlike any other within human history. Persecution, natural catastrophes, and even miracles will occur to an unprecedented degree shortly before the second coming of Christ.

Family Connection: Continue the discussion after church!
What are some events that will lead up to Christ’s return? What are we to do until Jesus returns?

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