1. After Jesus ate the Passover meal and instituted the Lord’s Supper (both pictures of His death), He was betrayed and denied by friends. If anyone ever needed friends, it was then. Have you ever felt your friends were unable to support you? Have you ever failed to support them? Does knowing that Jesus experienced that help you believe He KNOWS your pain too?  
  2. Fight, flight, and freeze are the most typical responses to conflict. The disciples did all three. They froze upon seeing the crowd, tried to start a fight, and then ran away. Jesus did NONE of that. He waited and submitted to God’s plan for our salvation –His death! How do you feel about Jesus’ INTENTIONAL waiting for the death squad? What about His submission in death? What would your        response have been in that situation?  
  3. Jesus largely stayed silent while on trial. His silence was nothing like our 5th Amendment right to not incriminate ourselves –He was innocent! Jesus replied only when they asked if He was the Messiah. Why would He remain silent on some accusations but answer that one? Why would He add the part about seeing Him seated at the right hand of power?

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