Sunday Connect Lesson for February 19, 2023

 Paul's second letter to encourage the young pastor Timothy was likely written around AD 64-65 during Paul's second Roman imprisonment.

Paul wrote of the days before Christ's second coming to equip Timothy (and us) to face an ungodly culture, damaging relationships, and persecution. Confidence in God's Word will sustain us, even in the most troubling times.

Key Truth: The days leading up to Christ's return will be difficult because of people's sin (2 Timothy 3:1-9). Believers are not isolated from the culture but must step away from relationships with those who oppose the truth of God's Word.

Key Truth: Believers live by God's Inspired Word and follow godly examples (2 Timothy 3:10-17). Timothy had been taught the Scripture in his home and by his mentor, Paul. Knowing God's Word is the route to maturing as a believer. God's inspired Word enables us to face persecution and live godly lives.

Family Connection: Continue the discussion after church!
What does it mean that the Scriptures were inspired by God? Are Paul's warnings to Timothy still applicable in today's world? How does God's word help us to stand firm in our faith?

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