Sunday Connect Lesson for February 12, 2023

Serving the Savior
Paul's second letter to encourage the young pastor Timothy was likely written around AD 64-65 during Paul's second Roman imprisonment.

The apostle Paul left Timothy, his son in the faith, helpful instructions about developing his faith and leadership.

Study the Word: Key Truth: Believers serve like good soldiers (2 Timothy 2:1-13). Endurance is required, as is avoiding entanglements.

Key Truth: Believers serve to please the Savior (2 Timothy 2:14-26).  We want to be useful servants, so we avoid those things that would distract us or make us impure, we must be diligent workers for God's kingdom.

Family Connection: Continue the discussion after church!
How can we serve God better this week? How can we stay focused on serving God instead of focusing on distractions?

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