1. Root determines fruit. What your mind is rooted in will determine the fruit of your actions.       Colossians 2:6-8 describes how we are subtly affected in our thoughts. What ideas have you       seen take root in our culture that are contrary to God’s word? Where are those ideas most           prevalent? How can you guard your mind against bad philosophies or traditions taking root?   
  2. Verses 9-15 describe your greatest weapon against sin – being filled in Christ. In a typical day,     after work/school/sleep, a person has a few hours to invest somewhere. In Christ you have         already been saved, already been raised to new life, already been declared innocent. What       habits can you change to better invest your time? How can you take root in Christ? 
  3. Christianity is more than rules – it is a relationship with Christ (see Col 2:20-23). Are you a rule     follower or breaker? Why? Where are you most prone to following man-made rules or religion? Where are you most prone to breaking fellowship with Jesus by what you say, think, or do?

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