Questions for the Week

1.  Judas felt the weight of his sin, but he never confessed and asked for forgiveness. Is there  something in your life that you feel immense remorse and guilt over? Ask for repentance and give it to Jesus.

2. Think upon your lowest moments in life and how you felt during that time. Did it comfort you    knowing that God was there beside you when perhaps others weren’t? Thank Jesus that He    bore the wrath of God in your place and share the good news of Jesus with those around       you.

3. Do you think there could have been some doubt among the Sanhedrin after Jesus’ death, and perhaps they may have started to believe? Surely, they felt the earthquake, experienced the darkness, saw, or heard about the resurrected bodies, and knew about the curtain split in the sanctuary. What would you think or feel if you witnessed all of that?

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