Questions for the Week

February 17, 2024
  1. What is a parable and why did Jesus teach using this form of communication?  Do we, or should we, use parables today?  While the parable of the sower can be about evangelism, it can also be about your heart today.  Is your heart the hard ground, thorny soil, rocky ground, or the fertile soil that God is sowing into right now?  What is God trying to plant that you are trying to reject?
  2. It encourages me to note that John the Baptist had doubts.  Do you ever doubt God?  If so,    then how do you deal with your doubts?  Who can you talk to openly and honestly about your    doubts and fears?  We need a close group of friends that we can use as our sounding board.
  3.  Jesus talked about the different styles of life that He and John the Baptist had lived.  John was    reclusive and unusual and Jesus was more mainstream and yet both were scrutinized.  Have     you found your place in church?  Have you found your niche in the Kingdom of God?  Not all of    us are teachers or administrators.  Some are made very unique on purpose.  How has God     made you just a little different than everyone else and how is that important for the church and His Kingdom?

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