1.   Paul starts 1 Peter 2:1 with “so put away...” but that comes AFTER he explained the blessings from God’s love for us in Christ Jesus. We don’t put away our bad attitude, actions, and speech because we must, but because we get to experience God’s love. Does that change your perspective on your problem areas? How? What is an area you need to work on?
2.  One of the greatest words in the Bible is “but.” In verse 8 we see that Jesus is the rock on which   people stumble in their faith. In verse 9–“But YOU...” Listen to how God sees YOU –chosen, royal, holy, and His! Do you feel like you are chosen, royal, holy, and His? Why or why not? How does that affect your outlook, attitude, and actions?

3.  If you have a bit of a rebellious streak, you probably don’t like much of verses 13-25. You may not like the President, your congressmen, your boss, or that policeman who gave you a ticket. You like those leaders even less if you see any hint of hypocrisy in their lives. Why would God call you to submit to even THEM? How does doing good silence ignorance (vs. 16)? How is suffering unjustly graciousness (vs. 20)? Why has God called us to suffer like Jesus (vs. 21)?

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