1. In recent weeks we’ve been talking about how what’s in your mind influences what you do.         Look at the things Paul says to put to death in Col. 3:1-11. Now think through the things you         view or listen to over the course of a day. How much of what you choose to watch falls into         the category of what Paul says to put to death? How can you put on the “new self” instead? 
  2. Paul often describes us as we should be, not as we actually are. Further, what we should be is     what we should be pursuing (Col. 3:12-17). Think through your most recent negative       interaction with someone. How can you change the tone of that relationship to look more like     what we find describing God’s “holy and beloved” ones? 
  3. Again, we live in the “already but not yet” portion of our salvation. Jesus died so we might be      free. Death no longer has dominion over us – therefore neither does sin (Romans 6:1-11).         You are the owner of your heart and whatever lives there. Where are you letting sinfulness         live rent free? How can you evict that bad tenant? How do you move a better tenant in?

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