1.  Genesis 1 says that GOD is the creator of all. Yet, Col. 1:16 says that JESUS made everything.         Paul, the author of Colossians, is saying that JESUS is GOD! Therefore, when Paul says Jesus is    the “firstborn of all creation” (vs. 15), it does NOT mean Jesus is a created being.  The word means first in priority and authority. What kind of hope does it give you to know that Jesus has authority over any “dominions or ruler or authority” (vs. 16) that you might encounter? 
  2. When blood is shed, it is NOT an act of peace but of aggression. How, then, does the blood of      Christ make peace for us (vs. 20)? How does His blood change us from alienated, hostile, and evil to holy, blameless, and above reproach (vss. 21-22)? Where do you lack peace and how can Jesus fix that? Where do you struggle to agree with Jesus’ rule in your life? 
  3. Colossians 1:24 is a curious verse. There, Paul says that he is filling up what was lacking in Christ’s suffering. On face value, this could mean 1) Christ’s death wasn’t enough, 2) Paul is earning salvation by suffering, or 3) Paul is talking about service, not salvation. Three is the only reasonable answer. Where can you, like Paul, serve so that others can know Jesus?

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