1.     In 2 Kings 19:8-13, the “Rabshakeh” (military title) boasted of Assyria’s military might and crushing victories. Defeat was imminent. Do not be afraid when your enemy claims to be stronger than God! Israel did eventually fall to Assyria yet it wasn’t Assyrian might but God’s will. Do you trust God’s will even in defeat? Do you trust God is still in control?  

2.     Hezekiah’s response to the Rabshakeh’s boasts is important. He sought God, recognized His sovereignty, and asked for His help... so that God would be glorified! How often does your response to difficulty look like that? When you don’t pray and trust like that, what prevents you? When you do, what drives you to God?  

3.     God heard Hezekiah’s prayer (2 Kings 19:20) – what hopeful words! God’s responded by saying He would turn Assyria back and their ruler would be judged. While this reprieve would be         temporary, we see that God hears and God is in control! When do you find it most difficult to        believe God hears and cares? When do you find it hard to believe He’s in charge?

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