Sunday Connect Lesson for September 25, 2022

Nothing is more important than knowing Jesus! We can never be good enough or do enough good things on our own, but our goal is to know Him intimately and follow Him faithfully.

Study the Word: Key Truth: Believers put no confidence in their own righteousness (Philippians 3:1-7). We should not put our trust in a veneer of self-righteousness but in the genuine righteousness of Christ.
Key Truth: Believers press on to know Christ deeply and experience all God has for us (Philippians 3:8-14). This purposeful quest will put everything else in perspective and lead to great fulfillment and joy.
Key Truth:  Believers follow godly examples and look forward to Christ's return (Philippians 3:15-21). Having faith in Christ is a lifetime pursuit with an eternal reward. God has provided fellow believers as examples for us and Jesus Christ as our ultimate example.

In this section of his letter to the believers in Philippi, written around AD 62 while under house arrest in Rome, the apostle Paul taught his readers about the great value of pressing forward to know Christ better.

How will I put it into practice this week?

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