Sunday Connect Lesson for March 20, 2022

In this section of his letter to the believers in Rome, written around AD 57, Paul taught how we should respond to the blessing God has poured out on us through the gospel.

Living Sacrifices
Thinking about all Jesus has done for us should motivate us to live for Him. But what does that look like? Romans 12 answers that question.

Study the Word: Key Truth: We should Respond to God's Mercy by Giving All to Him (Romans 12:1-2) To make your life a living sacrifice is to make a thoughtful and deliberate offering of oneself as an act of worship.

Key Truth: We Should Respond to God's Mercy by Using our Gifts to Serve (Romans 12:3-8) As disciples we are part of the church and are called to serve God and the others who make up His body with the variety of gifts He has given us.

Key Truth: We Should Respond to God's Mercy with Christlike Conduct (Romans 12:9-21) The transformation of the gospel is seen in the way we treat others.

How will I put this into practice this week?

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