Sunday Connect Lesson for March 13, 2022

In this section of his letter to the believers in Rome, written around AD 57, the apostle Paul described the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit and how we are to submit to His control.

Romans 8 has been called the greatest chapter in the Bible. Paul laid out some tremendous gospel truths to strengthen and encourage those who know Christ.

Study the Word: Key Truth: Believers Find Life, Peace, and Power by Living Under the Control of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:1-17) Condemnation can come in the form of guilt, shame, and punishment, but this no longer applies to the person who has been redeemed.  Our position in Christ as adopted children provides us with an intimate and fulfilling relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Key Truth: The Holy Spirit Helps Believers Have Hope in the Midst of Suffering (Romans 8:18-30) Despite living in a world filled with hardships, suffering, and weakness, believers still live hope-filled lives, confident of the glory of the life to come.

Key Truth: Nothing Can Separate Believers From God’s Great Love (Romans 8:31-39) Our judge and justifier is Christ alone; we are confident of our position is Christ.

How will I put this into practice this week?

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