July 2, 2022

1.  Psalm 1 says that the righteous prosper and the wicked are blown away like chaff. Why, then, do we see the wicked succeed and the righteous suffer? How has this generally worked in your life? Do you delight in God – whether succeeding or failing?

2.  Saul was rejected for trying to offer sacrifices. David had a man killed and WASN’T rejected – why?  Because Saul DIDN’T repent when confronted while David did? What does this say about how God views sin and repentance? What’s your response when sin gets exposed?

3.   Sin alienates you from others and God. Sin broke Saul’s relationship with his son and his military leader. Where do you find yourself being alienated from your closest allies?  What is the root sin?  How can you deal with it now before it really causes problems?

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