Sunday Connect Lesson for April 10, 2022

Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for every person's sin. The entire Old Testament looked forward to Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, and the New Testament described His life, death, and resurrection and how this good news began to be taken to all people.

In spite of rejection, betrayal, and injustice, Jesus willingly faced death. His motive was love; His goal was forgiveness.

Study the Word: Key Truth: Jesus, Who Had No Sin, Paid the Penalty for Our Sins (Matthew 27:11-26) Jesus' innocence and willingness to endure undeserved punishment is the only possible way for us to avoid receiving the punishment we deserve.

Key Truth: Jesus' Crucifixion Made a Relationship with God Possible (Matthew 27:27-54) God's only Son endured unimaginable suffering to bring about the hope of our salvation.  He settled our account with God and enabled us to know Him in a personal way as Father.

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