Current Series

What If?

Do you ever ask yourself “What IF”? What if I had finished my education? What if I had stayed on my diet all year long? What if I was born in a different era how different would my life have been?

“What IF” questions can be depressing or they can be motivational but they are always thought provoking. You know me, I don’t like to think on negative things, so let’s keep our questions in a positive arena. In 2020 we are going to ask ourselves some introspective questions like… “What IF”….

I gave more of myself to God in 2020
I committed to read my bible and the Journeys (Temple’s devotionals) to prepare myself for worship and Connect (for some - what if you actually joined a Connect class).
I prayed for one person to come to Christ this year
I helped Ms. Becky in the nursery or Jason with the youth this year
Temple gets to break ground on a new sanctuary
I were more intentional in sharing my faith with others
I committed to meet with a small group of peers to discuss the Bible

The possibilities are endless and individually challenging for each of us. Temple is a great church and a wonderful place to mature in your faith walk. Please take this calendar as one opportunity for you to ask yourself “What IF” questions as you plan for the year ahead. I don’t want to get to the end of my journey and ask myself “what if” I had done more for Christ.

Love ya Temple-  Pastor HD & Susan