How to join?

 Joining the TBC Family

If you believe the Lord is leading you to unite with our church, we will be happy to receive you in one of the following ways:

  •  By Baptism, upon profession of your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. When you become a Christian, you need to follow Him in baptism and church membership.  If you are already a member of another church and are a Christian, but have not been baptized by immersion, you can join our church by being immersed.  This clarifies your involvement in a Baptist Church with its belief in the New Testament baptism by immersion.

  • By Letter, if you are currently a member of another Baptist Church, you need to come forward requesting that we write that church stating that you have come by letter into our church.  They in turn will send us a letter to confirm that they have transferred your membership from their roll to ours.

  • By Statement, if you have obediently followed the Lord in Believer's Baptism, you may request that we receive you into membership by statement.

During the closing hymn at the end of either Worship Service you may come to the front and share with our Pastor your desire to become a part of the family of Temple Baptist Church.  You can also let any of our staff know of your desire for membership and they can talk with you further about this important decision.   
Anyone desiring membership in Temple Baptist Church will have the opportunity to attend our New Member Class as a part of becoming a member of Temple Baptist Church.  This class will be held on a periodically on a Sunday with dinner included (see the calendar for dates).  Please check the Temple app to sign up or reach out to a staff member if you have any questions about this class or would like to attend.
If you are considering joining Temple, this can also be a great class for you to learn more about Temple membership.