Drive In Church & Live Stream

Drive In Church & Live Stream

Sunday, April 05, 2020, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: Temple Baptist Church , 117 Marlin Road, White House, TN US 37188


What is drive-in church and why are we doing it?

Scripture is pretty clear that the church is not a building, but a group of believers who gather together to worship the Lord…also known as koinonia. During this time when we’re experiencing the upheaval of all things normal due to the Covid-19 virus, we’ve decided to experiment with drive-in church. It is similar to old-fashioned drive-in movie, where you can sit in the comfort of your vehicle, listen to the message and participate with the worship music on your FM radio or smart device. It will be similar to a ‘normal’ Sunday at Temple (although we’re not sure what a ‘normal’ Sunday really is), but in the parking lot. This is also a great opportunity to bring a friend or family member who may not feel comfortable or begins shaking uncontrollably when they set foot in a church building.

Will I have to get out of my car?

No. Please stay in the comfort of your car (within safe social-distancing distance from others…spread the love, not the germs).

 What can we expect and how can we hear the service?

When you arrive, you’ll have two choices for listening. You can listen to the service on your car’s FM radio 90.1 or you can download an app ahead of time called ‘Audiofetch’ and can listen on that app. HD and Neil will begin music worship at 10AM, followed by the message. Rather than shouting “preach on, brother” or “hallelujah” to encourage HD, just flash your headlights or even honk your horn. Below you will find the worship songs and sermon notes or you can view on your Temple app.

Will drive-in church offer a time for people to contribute their tithes and offerings?

Yes, you’ll be able to leave your contribution or tithing envelope with the ushers, Mark Stephens or Jeff Cooper, as you exit the parking lot.
Other ways to follow God’s directive in your life:
Text Giving - text your gift amount to 1-615-800-4660
Online – follow the link at or contribute through your Temple app
Snail mail - PO Box 762, White House, TN 37188

What if I need a potty?

Please potty before you leave home.  In  an effort to stay compliant with Governor Lee's order, the church building will be closed and we ask that everyone please remain in their cars.

What about that yummy Community Coffee with all the heavily sugared additives?

Sorry, you’ll have to bring your own. However, you’re welcome to eat breakfast during the service, which is not something we normally approve of.

Praise & Worship & Sermon Outline Here



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